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Shock absorbers and struts last a long time and wear out pretty slowly. They’re easy to take for granted, but your shocks and struts do a very important job so you need to pay attention to them. They keep your … Continue reading

Let’s talk about air conditioning service and repair issues for the Richmond, Virginia area. Most of us in MIDLOTHIAN don’t give our air conditioning a second thought as long as it’s making cold air. But it’s a complex and expensive … Continue reading

We’re going to be talking about the ethics of automotive repair in Richmond. Unfortunately, every profession has some bad actors that hurt the reputation of everyone else. It’s no different in the Richmond area. In the automotive world, Richmond industry … Continue reading

Disc brakes are called disc brakes because of the big metal disc – or rotor – that spins with the wheel. The brake pads rub against the rotor to slow the vehicle. In technical terms, the motion energy of the … Continue reading

Some of our customers at A Auto Body Inc are surprised to learn that there are actually two service schedules for their vehicles. One is the regular schedule and the other is the severe service schedule. Let’s look at what … Continue reading


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    10305 Hull Street Rd.
    Midlothian, VA 23112

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