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Is your damaged vehicle drivable?

So, you or someone you know has been involved in an accident. Hopefully no one was injured and you were able to drive your vehicle from the scene. You call the accident into your insurance company to begin the claims process and one of the first things they ask you is, “Is your vehicle drivable?”. Well, you did drive it from the scene to your home. The real question and what should drive your response is, is your vehicle safe to drive?


Virginia is one of several states with a mandatory yearly vehicle safety inspection requirement. In theory, this is a great concept. Ensure that the vehicles on the road are in proper working order. So, one of the first things to ask yourself before you answer that adjuster’s question about your vehicle being drivable is, would my vehicle, in it’s current state, pass a state inspection. This is the most obvious way to determine the correct answer to give your insurance adjuster.


But wait, what if I am not sure what would and would not pass a state inspection you ask. In that case, a few things to consider are the things that we, as a collision repair facility look at during our initial inspection of your vehicle. Make sure all of your headlamps and tail lamps are functioning and the lenses are not broken. Broken lenses can allow moisture into the system and cause bulbs to fail without your realizing it and you can even be ticketed for broken tail lamp lenses. Also make sure that the headlamps are aimed properly as you want to be able to see at night and you don’t want to be blinding other drivers.


Other things to look at are, do you have a driver’s side mirror which will allow you to see behind you? Is the hood of your vehicle buckled to a point that air flow can get under it and cause it to fly up as you are going down the road? Is there undue stress on the hood lock that could cause it to give way suddenly? Is your coolant system compromised, or, can you smell antifreeze when you are standing outside of your vehicle? Is your driver’s door and handles functioning properly from both the inside and outside, or, if your door is hit, can it still open and close properly? Also look at your wheels and make sure that they are all aligned correctly. If one is far enough out for you to be able to see it is not right, you really should consider not driving the vehicle so you do not further compromise the suspension. Does the windshield have more damage then a few cracks or chips form the accident or did any of the other glasses get broken leaving glass in the vehicle?


These are just a few of the things to take into consideration before you answer the question of the drive ability of your vehicle. We want to be able to meet with you and go over the repair plan we will use to restore your vehicle to pre-loss conditions, however, more importantly we would rather you be safe and if your vehicle needs to be towed to us, we will be more then happy to work with you in that capacity also.


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