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Your vehicle and your tires…

Your tires are some of the most important wear and tear items on your vehicle and they should be inspected regularly by the driver. Not only should you pay attention to if they are inflated or not, but, the tread and their pattern of wear actually tells a good deal about how other parts of your vehicle are doing.

Ideally, the tire should wear evenly across the entire surface of the tread. If the tire has excessive wear down the center of the tread, this is usually a good indication of over inflation. However, this can also be due to mounting oversized tires on rims that are too small. If the left and right outer edges (both, not just one or the other) or “shoulders” are worn, this indicated under inflation, undersized tires, or overloading the vehicle. If one “shoulder” or the other is showing excessive wear, this can indicate a problem with the camber and/or toe of the vehicle. These both have to do with the alignment of the vehicle and that should be checked immediately should you see this occurring.

Since we spoke of inflation issues it should be noted that there are people who believe that their vehicle being equiped with a Tire Pressure Monitoring System or TPMS will allow them to not have to be concerned with tire inflation issues. The truth is, most TPMS systems will not issue a warning to the driver until the pressure is 25% below the vehicle manufacturer’s recommendation. That is well below the “safe driving” loads suggested by AAA. TPMS systems are designed as a fail safe warning system before a completely flat tire and not as a monitoring system to let you know your tires are constantly properly inflated. We suggest buying a good quality tire pressure gauge and keeping it in the vehicle. Make it a habit to check the pressure every other month or even more often during winter.

Should you have to replace a tire, it is recommended that they be done at least in pairs if not all four at once. When replacing in pairs, remember, the tires with the best tread need to be in the rear of the vehicle. This holds true no matter if the vehicle is front wheel drive, rear wheel drive, or all wheel drive. The rear tires provide stability and without the best stability during steering and/or braking, you could be faced with spin outs, hydroplaning, or worse.


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